Accountancy CV Templates

Putting a CV together is tough! Here are 4 templates specific to finance to hopefully give you a strong base from which to start your CV.

A CV is a very divisive document and many different people will offer you different opinions. These tips are what work for us with our experience in Accountancy recruitment, just use them as a guide to create a CV that is right for you!

Graduate CV - HERE - A template that has a focus on soft skills and education over raw career experience. Great for those with a limited Accounting background. Good to get your personality across!

Part and Newly Qualified - HERE - Good for those with 2 - 10 years accounting experience. The focus here is on the experience and creating a CV that is easy to read. Also shows off key academics and system skills.

ACA first time mover - HERE - A strong template for mixing key skills with career history. The aim of this CV is to differentiate your skills from your colleagues in the same Audit / TS year.

Senior Finance - HERE - A flexible template that is designed to be changed each time you apply directly for a role. The aim of this template is to distill a long career into the key points that are needed for the job in question whilst still offering the right amount of further detail for the employer. 

You will be surprised how many CVs do not have a phone number on! Essential on every CV is a contact number, postcode and probably your Linkedin Account!

Word, every time! We get it, PDF looks nicer but Word is much better as it is universally accepted by recruitment systems. Your safe knowing it will look the way it should. Company systems are often old and will turn that beautiful PDF into an unformatted jumble! If you need a PDF – have a word copy too.

Avoid tables and graphics where possible, again, recruitment systems do not like them, and they will take you longer!

1 page should only really be used if you are very light on experience. 2 - 3 pages is optimal, whilst we would only use 4 for interim or very experienced Cvs. Don't go past 4, it won't be read!

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