Birminghams best remote working spots

Moving on from our more accounting focused blogs of 4 ways that the West Mids market is changing and our flexibility analysis, we thought we would share a blog that show off the delights of working in Birmingham! This blog shines light on some of the best remote working spots in and around the city.

So, you have a few hours between meetings, where is best to set up your laptop? Coffee, Cake and charging points, we’ve got it covered!

Birmingham Library

Broad Street

Criminally overlooked, there are 3-4 distinct areas in the Library alone. The Library is excellent for longer stays and has some unrivaled views of the city. The Cafe is a bustling spot with tables and sockets to make calls from, whilst the higher floors of the library have great quiet working space for when you need to get stuck in to your work with some peace and quiet.

Great views from Birmingham Library

The Steam Room


An independent and personal cafe, ideal for quiet work alongside a coffee and a cake. Not a large shop that is often busy, this cafe is better for a quick pit stop between meetings. Parking easy and free outside the cafe.

Boo Boo Cafe


Another Harborne winner. Small and better for shorter stays, but fantastic coffee, great cakes and even beer on tap! Directly opposite Harborne Gym and with nearby on street parking, it's a great option closer to the high street.

Cafe HarborneBoo Boo

Boston Tea Party

Edgbaston - Five Ways

A great coffee chain that has the environment in mind, takeaway cups are banned! It's busy enough to make calls whilst also large enough to pick a quiet spot. Avoid the cramped Harborne offering and go for the great cafe in Edgbaston, just off five ways. Unlike many, easy to park nearby.

200 Degrees

Colmore Row

By far the busiest cafe, set in a prime Colmore row spot, great if you need your own noise to fade into the background. Small tables and the cramped feel will not be for everyone, but the coffee and food are great, and the atmosphere will keep you awake!

AC hotel Marriott


Supplemented by an in house fully fledged Starbucks outlet, the hotel always has space and is great for those that need guaranteed power outlets and tables for a longer laptop session. Avoid in the mornings due to breakfast service. A great option near the Mailbox.

John Lewis Cafe

Grand Central

A brilliant Cafe that is worth the effort of finding. This cafe in Grand Central has a dedicated “place to work” section. Guaranteed power outlets and an area where you will not feel guilt for staying hours on end!

John Lewis


Newhall Street

Avoid the small Snowhill store and head the Newhall Street site. A nice casual chain that lends itself well to a quick hours work.

There are likely plenty more that we have missed, but what is clear is the abundance of remote working opportunities in Birmingham!

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