How to recruit the best talent on a tight budget

What you need, and what the budget allows can be two very different things! So, what do you do? Here are a few common-sense tips to making your budget stretch that little bit further when recruiting your next accountant.



Offer flexible hours or WFH.

This is a true miracle worker and quickly becoming the norm. Flexibility can help attract talent that may otherwise be out of reach. In our study, 55% of candidates said they would take £1000 less in exchange for flexible hours, with 25% saying they would consider up to a whopping £5000!

In our WFH study HERE, 72% of respondents favoured 2days at home or less. Offering a day a week from home can be a real gamechanger.



Plan your hire ahead.

Not an exciting prospect, but the more planned a hire (and the longer source time offered to talent acquisition), the better the results. More time means we can attract more passive candidates, with less chance of a bidding war.

Secondly, you will be able to include quality talent that may be on notice periods deemed too long by your competition.


Flex your demands.

Qualified candidates with first time passes come at a premium. If you can look past qualifications, there is a fantastic pool of qualified by experience candidates that offer extremely good value.  We also find not being sector specific gives you a much wider talent pool to tap in to.


Balance detail with accessibility.

Most candidates react best to quick two stage processes over a 1 to 2 week period and less to multiple stages across 2 months (seniority dependant).

Finally, make sure you get your personality and culture across! People at all levels love a warm welcome and you want candidates going away telling their friends and family how amazing you are. A quick and accessible process can absolutely knock thousands off the ultimate candidates demands. It’s not guaranteed, but it certainly will not do any harm!


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